How to remove the menu?

The only way to remove the navigation from your site, is to take the pages out of the navigation and that will remove the navigation links from all the pages.

Please follow these steps to removing a page from your navigation:

  1. In your Sitebuilder, click Navigation.
  2. A dialog box will open up and you will see a list of your pages.
  3. To hide the pages from your navigation, you need to click on the green checkmark for the page that you would like to hide. This checkmark is located next to the green "indent" arrow to the right of each page name (if you mouse over it, you will see the words "Click here to hide this in your menu").
  4. Click on the green checkmark, so it becomes a red "x". This removes it from your navigation.
  5. Click OK and save your changes.

For detailed instructions on creating subpages, click on this link.