The heading of my website is not resizing on my mobile device

If your heading is hanging off the edge of the page or breaking into several lines down the screen, don’t worry. This can easily be corrected by doing the following steps until your screen behaves:

  1. Check the line height of your widget. In some cases, the line height may not be necessary or will need to be reduced just a bit. Open your Sitebuilder and then go to Style Designer. In the "Fonts" section, click on Main Header > Line Height.
  2. Check the font size of your heading as it might be too large. You will need to find a balance on desktop and mobile view. To adjust the font size, go to Style > Designer. In the "Fonts" section, click on Main Header > Font Size.
  3. Check that the letter spacing for your Main Header is not too high. To adjust the letter spacing, go to Style > Designer. In the "Fonts" section, click on Main Header > Letter Spacing.
  4. Check to see if the header padding on the left and right is set too high. Remove or decrease the Header Padding by going to Style > Designer. In the "Layout" section. Click on Header Padding. Click on the Right and Left options and decrease the padding settings or check none.

Note: Depending on the template you selected to build your website, the Header width and padding may not be available. In this case, the above scenario does not apply. In some cases, you may need to adjust Banner Width and Banner Padding instead.